EU-Projekte / Mobility Projects Financed by the EU

Dear colleagues,

since 1998 I have been carrying out various international mobility projects in the field of vocational education with Russia, Estonia and Finland. In this respect I have always been greatly concerned with the challenges of intercultural learning which, in my point of view, can be best put into practise by mutual exchange visits. Fortunately, the European Union offers a lot of interesting mobility programmes which financially support students and teachers to go abroad for a certain period of time. The material to be downloaded below shall give you an idea of what I have been doing so far:

1. Leonardo-da-Vinci- Mobility Projects with Estonia and Finland

--> Präsentation EU-Mobilitätsprojekt.pdf: Download

2. Information About the Teacher Training-System in the German Federal State Hesse 

(by Ralf Hölzer-Germann): --> Teacher Training in Hessen 2011. pdf: Download

3. My Preparation Course for Teacher Candidates Going Abroad:

 --> Strukturplan Ausbildungsveranstaltung "Interkulturelles Lernen in der beruflichen Bildung" Herbst 2013 .pdf: Download







  Ralf Hölzer-Germann |